Meet&Match 2020 immuno-oncology

December 3, 2020

BioValley France organizes with BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH and their partners Cancéropôle Est and Neurex, the 18th joint Meet&Match event on immuno-oncology. For the first time, this edition will take place online.



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Type d’évènement

Meet&Match - networking, partnering, pitch

Date limite d’inscription

01 décembre 2020


The event will be held in english


Free of charge

Why participate?

This digital event will be a great opportunity:
01. to know more about current advances in immuno-oncology;
02. to discover trends;
03. to speak about your organization during the short presentation sessions;
04. to generate new european partnerships.

Present your organization

We offer you an opportunity to speak about your research group or company active in immuno-oncology to enable intense networking opportunities. Send us your two-minute english short presentation (2-3 slides, PDF format) until November 25, 2020. The number of short presentations is limited and selection is made by organizers.

End of application: November 18, 2020. The pitchers have been selected by the organizers.


9:00 Login

9:30 Introduction Agnès Legoll – BioValley FranceBIOPRO Baden-Württemberg;

9:45 Keynote 1: Prof. Christophe Borg – CHRU Oncologie Médicale Besançon: Characterization and immunomodulation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in gastrointestinal cancers;

10:15 Keynote 2: Dr. Frank SchwöbelImmatics Biotechnologies Tübingen: Targeting of Tumor-specific HLA Ligands with Bispecific T cell Engaging Receptor (TCER™) Molecules;

10:45 Dr. Nicolas BasseSanofi Strasbourg: A focused platforms and pathways approach to support immuno-oncology pipeline;

11:00 Prof. Dr. Susanne BailerFraunhofer IGB Stuttgart: TheraVision – Platform technology for the development, production and testing of oncolytic viruses;

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 Dr. Jean-Marc BalloulTransgene Illkirch-Graffenstaden: Oncolytic virotherapy, a novel class of multifunctional immunotherapeutics;

11:45 Short presentation session

12:30 Networking & lunch break

14:00 Prof. Dr. Kerstin OtteHochschule Biberach (HBC) Biberach: Cell line development: novel concepts for optimized protein production;

14:15 Dr. Albin JeanneApmonia Therapeutics Reims: Targeting the tumor microenvironment through innovative and personalized peptide-based strategies;

14:30 Dr. Michael BurnetSynovo Tübingen: Immuno-oncology models and effects of micro-environment modulators;

14:45 Dr. Jessica MattaOdimma Illkirch-Graffenstaden: Active personalized cancer immunotherapy;

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Dr. Martin SteinerSynimmune Tübingen: Optimized mono- and bispecific antibodies for treatment of AML;

15:30 Prof. Céline Mascaux – Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg – Thoracic oncology Strasbourg: Immune evasion as a target in lung cancer:  to treat, to cure and to prevent;

15:45 Networking;

17:00 End of the event.

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