Nathalie Picollet-D'hahan

nathalie.picollet-dhahan@cea.fr I +33 4 38 78 67 78

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Research Institution


Partnerships & research transfer

Director: Jérôme Garin

Researcher's interest in a few words:

Main field of activity

  • biologic model development;
  • biologic model application/user.

Target organs

  • prostate;
  • breast;
  • adipose tissue;
  • skin.

Main collaborations

  • building a European roadmap for OoC (Coll. ORCHID consortium FET-Open, CSA). I developed the digital platform & website of EUROoCS, promoted the society and contributed to the enlargement of its membership. Member of the EUROoCS 2021 scientific program committee. Selected to organize the 2022 EUROoCS Annual conference in Grenoble;
  • national organoids research network of the french alliance for health (Aviesan). Organizing & scientific committees’ member of organoids workshop & thematic school;
  • organoids micro-encapsulation, 3D lens-free organoids imaging, electrophysiology-on-a-chip (patch-clamp, MEAs) (Coll. CEA-LETI) and perfused skin model on microfluidic chips;
  • development of nanotechnologies and biomimetic approaches based on 3D polyelectrolyte scaffolds, to mimic exocrine glands. Provided building blocks of a prostate-on-chip platform (Coll. Grenoble Alpes University).


Type/models systems

Organoids, spheroids & organ-on-a-chip ;

Physio-pathological models

Cancer, metabolic disorders & skin disease (diabetic foot ulceration);

Application areas

Organ development, physiopathology studies, diseases models & organ interaction studies.


  1. microfluidic chips & biosensors (as user and not as developer);
  2. cell biology, cell production, stem cells, iPSC & cell media;
  3. readout technologies, optical readers, fluoreaders, imaging & computational analysis.

Main research or activities topics

Biophysicist by training, I focused my research activities at the CEA on development and valorization of microsystems for cell biology for 20 years. From 2009, my interest was directed towards the development of 3D in vitro models as human surrogates within the Biomics team from the CEA-IRIG. The team focuses on large-scale functional genomics on human organoids models to characterize new biomarkers and therapeutic targets in oncology and diabetes.

My commitment to Biomics was within organoids engineering (prostate & breast), iRNA-based organoids electroporation, organoids lens-free imaging and chip-based microencapsulation. Capitalizing on this multidisciplinary expertise at the interface between biology and microtechnologies, I focused on OoC applications in the last 5 years. My current research deals with secretomics-on chip to identify negative effectors of wound healing. As active partner of the European OoC ORCHID consortium and member of the EUROoCS European Society in OoC, I also contributed to give the EU society its visibility and to provide an attractive place to encourage people to join the community.

I also organized scientific events, webinars, dedicated workshops and annual conference to raise visibility and foster research projects in France and in Europe. My current interest is to strengthen the link between OoC players in France, scientists, engineers, clinicians and industrials and to participate at building a French community in OoC.



17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble