Samy Gobaa

samy.gobaa@pasteur.fr I +33 1 44 38 92 75

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Researcher's interest in a few words:

Main field of activity

  • biologic model development;
  • biologic model application/user.

Target organs

  • brain;
  • liver;
  • skin;
  • ear;
  • reproductive system.

Main collaborations

As a core facility we mostly interact with the research groups of the Institute. Our projects typically involve a research group interested in a particular disease. There we usually provide either commercial or custom-made organ on chip solutions that can be infected with the pathogen of interest. We are also interested in developing new collaboration with academic labs out of Institut Pasteur and potentially with SMEs.
Model-wise we closely collaborate with emulate™, a spinoff company from the Ingber lab (Wyss institute, Boston, MA) and with the goup of Noo Li Jeon from Seoul National University.


Type/models systems

Organoids, spheroids & organ-on-a-chip;

Physio-pathological models

Cancer, neurodegenerative disease & infectious disease;

Application areas

Organ development and physiopathology studies, diseases models & organ interaction studies.


  1. microfluidic chips & biosensors;
  2. chip production, scale-up manufacturability, miniaturization & standardization;
  3. structural material, tubing & materials (polymers, glass, hydrogel, ceramic…);
  4. perfusion systems and control strategies, real-time monitoring, flow controller, pressure controller & temperature controller;
  5. cell biology, cell production, stem cells, iPSC & cell media;
  6. tissue engineering;
  7. readout technologies, optical readers, fluoreaders, imaging & computational analysis.

Main research or activities topics

The objective of the Biomaterials and Microfluidics core facility of Institut Pasteur is to bridge biology and engineering in order to help the development of biomedical projects with a strong technological focus. Practically we are equipped with essential technological bricks and expertise for the development of advanced cell culture systems including organ-on-chip devices and organoid-based assays.
We have in-house capabilities in the field of microfabrication, photo- and soft-lithography, 3D cell culture and automated live cell imaging especially targeted for the better understanding of complex cell-microenvironment interactions. We provide access to both commercial or custom solutions tailored for the study of infectious disease on chip. Bioengineering, Hydrogels, Microfluidics, Advanced culture systems, Organ-on-Chip & Organoids.



28 rue du Dr Roux
75015 Paris