Arnaud Cartier

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Startup – Small Biotech


Director: France Hamber

Researcher's interest in a few words:

Main field of activity

  • technology development.

Target organs

  • brain;
  • heart;
  • liver;
  • kidney;
  • lung;
  • bone;
  • muscle;
  • pancreas;
  • skin;
  • blood;
  • eye;
  • ear;
  • reproductive system.

Main collaborations

  • MIMLIVER on CHIP: coordinated by the laboratory of Biomechanics and Bioengineering from UTC/CNRS aims at developing a functional liver-on-chip system to evaluate the toxicity of drugs;
  • MyoChip FetOpen Project: the aim is to build a 3D human skeletal muscle irrigated by vasculature and innervated by neurons. The reconstituted 3D muscle will mirror the architecture and function found in vivo, namely in shape, contractility and microenvironment, while irrigation by a vascular network and innervation by human motor neurons will bring additional physiologic pertinence to it;
  • BIO-ART LUNG 2020: it aims to develop a long term, autonomous, portable, artificial lung for patients suffering from acute respiratory distress. Fluigent has conceived, developed and made a customized fluidic platform connected to the device that integrates all the functions the final system will have.


Type/models systems

Organoids, spheroids, organ-on-a-chip, body on chip & bioprinted tissues;

Physio-pathological models

Cancer, neurodegenerative disease, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, inflammatory disease;

Other physio-pathological models

Immune disorders, skin disease, respiratory disease, hematological disease & rare-orphan disease.


  • perfusion systems and control strategies, real-time monitoring, flow controller, pressure controller & temperature controller.

Main research or activities topics

Founded at the end of 2005, Fluigent is a French SME developing manufacturing and selling innovative commercial fluidic solutions and instruments globally, both for researchers (end-user products) and industrials (oem components to be integrated in global instruments). Fluigent has been the first company to introduce pressure-driven flow control to the market, as opposed to conventional syringe or peristaltic pumps and is now the world leader. The products are based on patented technologies. Our innovative tools are compatible with lab on a chip devices and a wide variety of microfluidic technologies.

Fluigent also develop on demand instruments to fully automate complex multi-step protocols. With a global presence that includes offices and distributors in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Fluigent develops, manufactures and commercializes all of its catalogue solutions. Fluigent products are widely used worldwide with more than 500-peer reviewed articles citing our instruments. Fluigent’s product are CE certified and the company is ISO 9001.

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