Thibault Honegger

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Startup – Small Biotech



Researcher's interest in a few words:

Main field of activity

  • technology development;
  • biologic model development.

Target organs

  • brain;
  • liver;
  • muscle;
  • skin;
  • eye.

Main collaborations

We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic researchers and medical doctors to make join development organ on chips in order to accelerate the understanding of neural troubles mechanisms and the discoveries of new treatments.


Type/models systems


Physio-pathological models

Neurodegenerative disease, inflammatory disease, immune disorders, skin disease & rare-orphan disease;

Application areas

Organ development & physiopathology studies, diseases models, organ interaction studies, drug discovery, toxicity, drug safety, toxicology testing & personalized medecine.


  1. microfluidic chips & biosensors;
  2. chip production, scale-up manufacturability, miniaturization & standardization;
  3. cell biology, cell production, stem cells, iPSC & cell media;
  4. readout technologies, optical readers, fluoreaders, imaging & computational analysis.

Main research or activities topics

NETRI develops technologies that accelerate fundamental and medical research by offering neurofluidic devices to the pharmaceutical companies, CROs and public researchers specialising in neurosciences and neurological disorders.
NETRI’s unique expertise and patented technologies in microfluidic neuroengineering enable the design, manufacture and application of physiologically relevant organ-on-chip in vitro Neurofluidics™ devices. These compartmentalized devices allow the understanding of the structural and functional mechanisms of neurological disorders and the exploration at high throughput of modes of action of a compound on muiner or human cellular networks.



321 avenue Jean Jaurès
69007 Lyon